Benefits of Humic and Hydro Hume

Benfits of Humic acid and hydro Hume

1. Improves soil fertility and root growth, while also inporving plants photosynthesis

2. Helps plants deal with stress in a much more efficient manor

3. NON toxic, and very safe to pets and children

4. Increases the moisture holding capacity of soil.Chelation (means to “bind” or “hold on to”) of micronutrients, especially iron, so that it can be used by plants.

5. Breaks down clay soils! Thus helping to form a rich dark soil loaded with nutrients.

6. Binds to soil nutrients and stops them being washed away by wet weather or irrigation

7. Improves water retention rates, thus keeping more nutrients within the soil root zone for longer periods of time keeping them for use by the plant

8. Can help the soil to not crack during hot, dry perionds

9. Promotes the ideal pH for turf grass (around 6-7)

Humic acid (H/A) is one of the most important components of organic matter. It is an organic bio-stimulant that contains three very important components: Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids and Humin. It has many uses and has become very popular in organic lawn care and organic gardening. However, few people really know what it is or what it does.

The first order of business is to identify what humic substances are. As defined by the Humic Products Trade Association (, “Humic substances are the natural, dark-colored humified remains of decayed biomatter, ubiquitous in the environment as major components of natural organic matter in soils, water and sediments, with the highest concentrations found in lake sediments, peat and geological deposits of low-rank brown coals, bituminous coals and shales.”

Ok what does this really translate to:

Humis is the stuff in your soil which gives it that rich dark black appearance and the crumble in your hand feel. The golden ticket restoring soil health and fertility.

This photo does a very good job of illustrating what the soil profile should look like when healthy. Notice the deep root growth, the dark soil color which is a sigh of good levels of hummis, and the how the soil appears to be loose in nature. All of these things combined are necessary for the plant to grow to its highest potential.

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