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Winter in Kansas City can bring harsh freezes, several inches of snow, and lots of cloud cover. These conditions aren’t ideal for your lawn, but they don’t have to keep your lawn from thriving. The Kansas City lawn care experts at Green Head Turf Systems bring you this winter checklist for your lawn, with our […]

This holiday season show off your festive side right on your front lawn. Whether you go big with intricate lighting displays, or keep it simple with tastefully placed bows and wreaths, make sure you’re not damaging your lawn in the process. It’s easy to forget about your lawn’s needs in the winter months with the […]

We don’t mean lime as in the citrus fruit. Lime application for your lawn is actually composed of pulverized limestone or chalk. This contains a large amount of calcium carbonate, which has many benefits for your Kansas City lawn’s soil. Here’s why we suggest you have an application of lime on your lawn this fall […]

This time of year, the trees will shed their leaves in KC as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. Some trees will be bare by mid-October. Others will take until the end of November. Either way, you are bound to have a lot of loose leaves in your yard. So what’s the best thing […]

A lot of Kansas City area homeowners wonder when it’s okay to stop watering their lawns. It differs every year with the amount of rainfall and seasonal temperatures. Since we get this lawn care question a lot from our customers, we thought we’d include it in a Greenhead Turf fall lawn care blog post.  But […]

The way you care for your lawn in the fall should be different than how you care for it in the summer months. The climate in the Midwest starts changing, with lower temperatures and humidity levels. Here are a few tips to follow this fall that will ensure your lawn stays healthy and is in […]

Green Head Turf Systems knows lawns, and we know the average person is less keen to know proper lawn practices. Seeding is more complicated than many people think. So here is everything you need to know about seeding your lawn so you can finally achieve that lush, green yard you’ve always dreamed of.   Types […]

It may seem counterintuitive, but killing your Kansas City area lawn may actually be the best thing you’ve ever done to it. If you’ve struggled with your lawn for years and continuously lose the battle, trying this technique could be your answer to a healthier, greener yard! Let Green Head Turf Systems explain why killing […]

Well spring has finally arrived in the Plains.  Who was ready for the nice weather?  I know I was, and your lawn as well.  With the soil temps up, the turf has responded nicely.  The deep greens and rapid growth are a direct result.  But as we all know this won’t last all season long.  […]

What Is Organic Lawn Care Lately I have been asked a lot of questions about organic lawn care.  It seems that every day I get asked a question.   These questions range  from the simple to more complex horticulture questions.  Some times there even several answers that are correct.  Today in this post I will try to […]

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