Cold Spring and Crabgrass Control

Posted on March 29, 2013

Well after what has seemed like a never ending winter with snow storm upon snow storm, we have finally began to see some more normal temperatures.  With all this cold weather you might be wondering if we will see a crabgrass problem later this year.  The answer is yes.  Once the soil temperatures warm the seeds in the soil will germinate.  Due to this fact is very important to have as part of a 6 step program crabgrass control applied.

When Is Crabgrass Control Applied?

Even though it has been cold and snowy, it is not too late to apply a crabgrass control to your lawn.  So when should have this control product applied?  I often get this question, and the answer is varied.  In most cases the products are applied in what is called a split application.  That is as opposed to a full strength application at once, the product is applied in two separate applications.  This has many benefits.  Perhaps the most notable we can obtain control longer into the growing season.   In this case as part of our 6 step fertilizer program,  the round number one application and the round two application would both contain pre emergence.  There are some exceptions to this practice however.  If the lawn has been seeded in the spring or winter time, then the timing of the crabgrass control is affected.  In this case a single application would be applied as the round number two application.

What To Look For In A Crabgrass Control Program

These days it seems like everyone is trying to sell some type of crabgrass control product.  There are several things to consider when choosing a program provider.  First, is the company certified with the state to be applying these products and are their applicators properly trained and certified.  Second, what other products are included with the control product.  A good program will offer fertilizer at no extra charge as part of this application.  Finally, the program should be a split application to obtain maximum control.

Green Head Turf Systems offers all of these in our custom 6 step lawn fertilizer program.  Our company is a certified Pesticide Business(PBL) in both the states of KS and MO.  In addition our applicators are all trained and certified applicators in both states.  And finally our program uses Barricade in a split application.  So when choosing a lawn care program for Leawood, Shawnee or anywhere  in between Green Head Turf Systems can help you out.  We service the Kansas City area for lawn care.


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