Don’t Have a Lemon of a Lawn, Get a Fall Lime Application

Posted on November 25, 2014

Fall Lime ApplicationWe don’t mean lime as in the citrus fruit. Lime application for your lawn is actually composed of pulverized limestone or chalk. This contains a large amount of calcium carbonate, which has many benefits for your Kansas City lawn’s soil. Here’s why we suggest you have an application of lime on your lawn this fall before the snow starts falling.


Lime Application Breaks Down Soil

A fall lime application can help break down the soil in your yard and restore the pH balance needed for optimal grass growth. This is important to its overall health because Kansas City is known to have a lot of clay in its soil. Clay soil makes it more difficult for grass to receive the nutrients it needs to grow green and lush. Lime application improves the soil structure by breaking up the soil. This allows roots to grow deeper, increases water filtration, and allows more nutrients to get to the grass roots.


Leave It Up to The Lawn Care Professionals

When it comes to beneficial lawn applications like lime, it’s best left to lawn care professionals. Certain lawn care you can do yourself, like raking, mowing, and weeding, but lime application takes a lot of knowledge on the temperament of the soil in your area. Applying lime requires soil testing for pH balances and other imbalances. This will then determine the proper amount of lime application that is needed. We often find that homeowners who decide to apply lime to their lawns themselves end up with what is called lime-induced chlorosis. This means the grass becomes suddenly very yellow due to conditions that are very alkaline. This can be a very difficult situation to reverse.


Call us today at (913) 645-9586 to see if your lawn is a good candidate for a fall lime application with Green Head Turf Systems. Hurry, it’s best to apply lime before winter sets in!

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