Holiday Lawn Décor That Won’t Harm Your Kansas City Yard

Posted on December 12, 2014

A Picture of Holiday Lawn DecorationsThis holiday season show off your festive side right on your front lawn. Whether you go big with intricate lighting displays, or keep it simple with tastefully placed bows and wreaths, make sure you’re not damaging your lawn in the process. It’s easy to forget about your lawn’s needs in the winter months with the snow, ice, and minimal sunshine, but your yard still needs to be protected. Here are some tips for your front yard holiday displays that won’t have any damaging effects, and they are all Green Head Turf Systems approved.


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Holiday Lawn Decoration Practices to Avoid

-Avoid heavy lawn decorations, if possible. If you do choose to use them, don’t leave them on display much longer than two to three weeks.


-Don’t use frayed lights, or lights that short out. This can help you avoid a hazardous electrical fire in your yard.


-Don’t use real candles in your holiday displays. Again, they are a fire hazard.


Holiday Display Suggestions for a Healthy Lawn

-Use light and airy inflatable decorations that won’t leave brown spots in your yard come spring.


-Put holiday lighting displays on a timer. This way you will avoid having to walk across your lawn to turn them on and off. You’ll avoid unnecessary foot traffic.


-Continue to regularly survey and clean your front lawn of debris like leaves and fallen branches.


-Try using what you already have in your yard for decorations, like wintergreen bushes near your porch. Simply throw netted lights over them.


-Guide guests by using pathway lights along the sides of the route leading to your front door. These types of lights are easy on your lawn and prevent foot traffic along other areas of your yard.


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