Green Head Turf provides aeration, verticutting, and seeding for lawns throughout Olathe and the surrounding areas. Remember that your turf is a living, breathing organism, and as such needs air, light moisture and nutrients to thrive.

If the soil is compacted these elements cannot reach the roots and the result is a thin stand of grass that has difficulty growing. That’s when aeration comes to the rescue!

What is Lawn Aeration and How Does it Help the Lawn?

Core aeration is the environmentally-friendly process of removing lots of small plugs of soil from the lawn to help break up soil compaction and thatch build-up. The removed plugs are left on the surface to break down naturally over a period of a few weeks.

The holes created by the removed plugs allow air, water and fertilizer to more easily reach the root zone. Core aeration also has the ecologic and environmental benefit of improving the soil’s water intake and decreasing water runoff and puddling.

When Is the Best Time To Aerate Your Olathe Lawn?

Warm days and cool nights along with adequate rainfall are the ideal conditions for aeration. In the Olathe area, this means fall is the best time. It is generally best to avoid the hot mid-summer months because stress can occur from moisture evaporation.

What is Verticutting?

Verticutting provides several benefits to your Olathe area lawn. A verticutter is basically a lawn mower with blades that cut vertically instead of horizontally. Verticutting your lawn creates vertical cuts which open up the canopy to allow in more light and water and also create an ideal place for seeds to fall and germinate.

Verticutting also helps get rid of thatch and removes horizontally growing shoots (stolons) allowing your grass to put more energy into growing upright, thus creating a more dense stand of grass.

Why Should You Overseed Your Olathe Lawn?

Overseeding is the process of spreading new seed on an existing lawn. Overseeding can take care of common problems like bare spots, traffic areas, insect damage, etc.  Overseeding will make your lawn thicker, greener and healthier. We can help you choose the right seed for specific areas of your lawn.

Green Head Turf aerations and seeds lawns in OlatheWhen Is the Best Time for Overseeding? 

Here in the Olathe area the optimum time to overseed is in the early fall when the nights begin to cool and the days are still warm. Good grass seed to soil contact is important for germination, and that’s where aerating helps.

The aeration holes are the perfect host for the seed. Our technicians at Green Head Turf Systems can select the ideal blend of grass to make your lawn more resistant to disease, drought and insects.

All of these elements are perfect lawn treatment options to make your house the best looking on your block!

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