Lawn Care Company in Mission, KS

Green Head Turf Systems is the reliable company to call for lawn care in Mission, KS. We have years of experience in this area, providing the following services:

• Lawn Care Programs
• Core Aeration
• Grass Seeding
• Verticutting
• Sprinkler Repair
• Sprinkler Winterization


Lawn Care Is More than Just Seeding

Some grass will grow just about anywhere a patch of earth is found. But to make a new lawn look its best, special care and the proper grass is needed. We will turn your lawn into a thick, healthy, lush area that you will be proud to call your own.

We take care of soil preparation before seeding, as well as planting the chosen grass seed that works well with the particular soil and climate conditions in Mission. Green Head Turf’s lawn care experts will have your lawn looking great in no time.

Starting a new green grassy lawn is our pleasure. We will provide a beautiful turf for any business or home. Getting the green space going right from the start sets the stage for terrific lawns that only need regular maintenance post planting.

Sprinkler Systems Keeps Your Mission Lawn Looking Great

Green Head Turf can also prepare your sprinkler system for every season. In the spring, we can activate your sprinkler system and make sure the sprinkler heads are functioning properly and pointed in the right direction.

In this area, we know that the dry summers can cause problems for your lawn and foundation, so a well maintained sprinkler system is critical. We can also repair and replace broken sprinkler heads, and even replace leaky sprinkler pipes.

After the watering season, we can also get your sprinkler ready for winter with a complete sprinkler winterization. We will remove all of the water from the system so the sprinkler pipes don’t freeze once the cold weather arrives.

It’s best to schedule your sprinkler winterization early, since a hard freeze can happen in this area in early October.

Aeration and Seeding is Important For Your Mission Lawn

Green Head Turf also can provide aeration, verticutting, and seeding service for your Mission home. Our summer weather can be hot and dry, so lawns are usually ready for aeration and seeding once the weather turns cool in the fall.

Green Head Turf can analyze your lawn and provide a free estimate to aeration and seed your turf. We will recommend the proper grass seed to use in this area, and make sure your ground is prepare properly to grow a lush, green lawn.

Call us today, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about the best time aerate, verticut, and seed your lawn.

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