Winter Checklist for Your Kansas City Lawn

Posted on December 29, 2014

Lawn Care Tips for Winter in KCWinter in Kansas City can bring harsh freezes, several inches of snow, and lots of cloud cover. These conditions aren’t ideal for your lawn, but they don’t have to keep your lawn from thriving. The Kansas City lawn care experts at Green Head Turf Systems bring you this winter checklist for your lawn, with our best cold-weather tips. Follow our guidelines and reap the benefits of a healthy and green lawn in the spring.

Drain Sprinkler System

If you didn’t do this in the fall, make sure you do this the next warm day we have. If you don’t blow out your sprinkler system, any trapped water in the pipes could freeze this winter and burst the pipes. When this happens, it’s a headache to fix. Your lawn will have to be all dug up so the pipes can be replaced in the spring. Let Green Head Turf Systems winterize your sprinkler system for optimal results.

Put Away the Mower

Cold weather grasses, like the ones in the Kansas City area, don’t need to be mowed throughout the winter. Mowing this season could actually do more damage to your lawn than good. Make sure to put your mower away for the winter. But first replace the oil, spark plugs, and air filters, and add a little grease to keep the system well oiled and to prevent rusting through the winter.

Rake Between Snowfalls

While mowing may not be on the winter lawn care agenda, it is still a good idea to get a good rake in here and there when weather permits. Obviously don’t go rake your lawn after snowfall, but between snowfalls, and when the earth isn’t too damp, be sure to carefully rake up any leaves that may be resting on top of your grass. Many trees in the midwest, like oaks, continue to lose their leaves throughout the winter months. Matted down leaves on your lawn can suffocate the grass and cause damage that will show up in the spring.

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Stay Off the Grass

Lastly, make sure to STAY OFF THE GRASS. Yes, just like at fancy museums and landmarks. It’s important to stay off of your lawn if possible during the colder months. Tramping on ice and snow covered grass can cause damage to grass blades. Make sure you to keep the pathway to your front door shoveled all winter long, so guests and the mailman won’t have to guess where to step.

Call Green Head Turf Systems at (913) 645-9586 for winter lawn care services in the Kansas City area. We are dedicated to helping you keep your lawn in tip top shape year round.

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