3 Tips for DIY Fertilizing

Posted on April 29, 2015

fertilizing-tips-green-head-turfDo you see those brown spots in your lawn? Yes, we are talking about those eyesores that you were hoping no one noticed. Don’t worry! The lawn care professionals at Green Head Turf Systems are here to help you turn your lawn into a beautiful, green piece of art. How? Try these three tips for DIY fertilizing those brown spots.


Read the Label


When you’re buying fertilizer, it is important to read the label. Manufacturers are required to list the percentage of chemicals and other ingredients that make up the product The primary nutrients that a fertilizer contains are nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. You will want to look for a bag that says “20-5-10”, meaning 20 Nitrogen, 5 Phosphate, and 10 Potassium. Green Head recommends this mixture during the spring.


When to Fertilize


There are two windows of time that you will want to fertilize during. The first is when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit, or mid-to-late April. The second is early to mid May. Following these two windows, we recommend fertilizing every six to eight weeks until the fall.


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How to Apply Fertilizer


Another important component to fertilizing your lawn is how the fertilizer is applied. You want to be sure to fertilize enough, but not too much. We know, confusing, right? Green Head recommends first covering the perimeter of the lawn and then filling in the middle. Just like when you are mowing the lawn, we recommend that you go tire track to tire track.


Want to leave the fertilizing to the professionals this year? Give Green Head Turf a call today at 913-645-9586. 

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