Prairie Village, KS Lawn Care Company

Green Head Turf Systems is the company to rely on for lawn care in Prairie Village, Kansas. There are few things that can brighten up the look of your home’s exterior more than a lush, green lawn. Throughout the Prairie Village community, our company provides local residents with a full-service turf management experience that will keep your yard looking fabulous with amazing curb appeal throughout the year. Our professionals can handle:

• Lawn Care Programs
• Core Aeration and Grass Seeding
• Sprinkler Repair and Service
• Verticutting

Lawn Care That’s Safe for the Environment and Your Family

We understand that lawn care may be one of your most considerable ongoing challenges as a homeowner, and our six-step lawn care application can be used to make light work of your landscaping and lawn maintenance tasks. Our service is entirely eco-friendly, and this means that it is safe for use with homes where pets and kids live. While you want a gorgeous yard, you also want a yard that is safe for you and your family to spend time in.

If you have been looking for the best landscaping and lawn care service to use in Prairie Village, our team at Green Head Turf Systems can help. Our service includes aeration, seeding, verticutting, lawn maintenance, mulching, shrub care and more. We also can provide you with sprinkler system installation and maintenance, fertilization services and a host of other lawn care services. Our services can be customized to meet your specific needs, and we can adjust our services for you seasonally to meet your needs year round.

Call Green Head Turf for a Free Lawn Care Estimate in Prairie Village

At Green Head Turf Systems, our goal is to help you develop a lush, green lawn that you will be proud of throughout the year. Our professional lawn care experts can handle the work while providing you with excellent results. Through these efforts, you will enjoy a weed-free lawn that is lush and healthy throughout the year. If you have been struggling to achieve the desired look in your yard or if you have grown tired of putting forth the regular effort that quality lawn care service demands, call the Company With The Duck on the Truck! We will provide a free estimate for the services that are best for your home.