Green Head Turf also offers other services to protect your lawn and landscape. We cover the entire Olathe area for all of these services:

Pest and Grub Control For Your Lawn

Green Head Turf has a comprehensive grub control treatment for your lawn. In this area, grubs can chomp through your beautiful lawn in a matter of weeks. Well you are in luck. Working with our network of entomologists and horticulturists we have been able to develop an Integrated Pest Management Program, or IPM program, focused on the insects we typically have the most trouble with. You know…grubs, bag worms, spider mites and boring beetles. In doing so, we are able to reduce the amount of product used in a season, thus reducing pesticide residue while, at the same time, allowing cretin beneficial insects to live. Give us a call we would love to implement an IPM program for you today.

Soil Testing

You can’t know what your lawn needs until you figure out what it’s missing. At Green Head Turf, we can take a sample of your lawn, test it chemically, and know how much of which nutrients it’s missing. Then we can customize a program to add these vital nutrients back into the soil to create the healthiest, thickest, greenest lawn possible.

Fall Lime Applications

Lime is necessary to keep your soil’s pH in balance. When the soil pH drops below 6.0, nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and others become less available to the grass plants. Without these nutrients, your lawn can turn brown, and lose some of its ability to recover from heat, drought, traffic, and other stressors. If your pH balance is excessively high (above 8), that’s not good for your grass either. In that case, other nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, manganese, boron, copper, and zinc become less available for use by the grass plants. The result may be a less vigorous, unhealthy lawn. The only way to know if your lawn needs lime is to have the soil tested. We will test your soil and let you know if your lawn needs liming in the fall.

Organic Lawn Care Programs

Green Head Turf prides itself in being an environmental steward. As a result we offer a full spectrum of organic programs. Each program is tailored to meet your needs. Give us a call and we can prepare a special program just for you giving you the greenest lawn on the block at an affordable price and allowing you to make sure you are not harming the environment either. You can also click here for more info about our organic lawn care in Olathe.

Green Head Turf Systems is based in Olathe, KS and covers the entire Kansas City area. We can provide a free estimate at your home for the best program for your lawn. Please give us a call today!

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