Mallard Magic is a 100% organic lawn care program and an environmentally safe alternative to the classic six-step application program. It’s safe for your family and great for your lawn. If you live in Olathe and the surrounding suburbs, you know we have a problem with clay soil. Mallard Magic was designed to combat this problem and improve the soil.

Mallard Magic Makes Your Lawn Healthier

Clay soil is extremely dense and elastic. When it has too much moisture, it expands and swells and in dry conditions it shrinks and cracks. It just doesn’t play well with moisture. Our organic Mallard Magic System is a custom organic application program designed to help break down clay soils. We treat your lawn with a combination of applications of compost tea, organic compost, and seeding. Together, these items help to increase the living organisms within the soil profile. These include beneficial fungus, nematodes and, of course, earth worms. These work in conjunction with one another to help break down the clay and as a result we are able to grow healthy root systems and improve the health and the color of the turf.

Advantages of the Mallard Magic Lawn Care System

•    Safe for pets and children – send your kids and pets out to play and never worry about harmful chemicals in your lawn. The Mallard Magic system uses organic soil enhancements so your yard is safe for anyone who comes in contact with it. •    Improves soil health – instead of using chemicals that kill the weeds but poison the soil, Mallard Magic uses micro and macro nutrients in combinations that are good for your soil and actually make it healthier so grass grows thicker and greener. •    Combats clay soils – the clay soil so common in the Olathe area makes it difficult for grass to grow. Our Mallard Magic system is custom tailored to address the needs of our clay soils, adding vital nutrients to help break down the clay by increasing the living organisms in the soil. •    Builds strong root systems – improving the soil is the secret to long term lawn health. Our Mallard Magic system makes grass healthy and resilient because the roots are getting the nutrients they need to thrive. A strong root system protects against common stresses like disease and drought.

Choose the Organic Program That’s Right for Your Lawn

At Greenhead Turf, we know every lawn is different. Some lawns are damaged and in need of intensive care. Other lawns are okay, but not perfect – there could be specific problem areas caused by disease, high traffic, pests like grubs, or just overall thin turf. Even lawns that are in good shape will benefit from our Mallard Magic lawn care system. When we improve the soil, grass greens up and gets thicker. We have a lawn care program for every lawn out there, no matter what condition it’s in. Give us a call and we’ll help you decide which program is best for your lawn.