Leawood, KS Lawn Care Company

When it comes to lawn care in Leawood, go with the best – Green Head Turf. Your lawn is a living, breathing organism that requires constant attention.

Water, nutrition, protection against weeds and insects – these are the basics. We provide the following services for your home:

  • Lawn Care Programs
  • • Lawn Aeration
  • • Grass Seeding
  • • Verticutting
  • • Core Aeration
  • • Grub and Insect Control
  • • Sprinkler Maintenance


It’s our job to make sure that your Leawood lawn not only gets the basics, but the advantages that will make it healthy and resilient enough to weather the harsh seasons it will have to endure.

Our six step program is proactive and designed to manage problems before they begin. We will create a beautiful, healthy lawn that can withstand all that nature has to throw at it.

We Design a Lawn Care Program For Your Home

Green Head Turf can design a custom lawn care program for your Leawood home. While we all deal with the same weather issues, each home is unique in what the lawn requires to be healthy. Your lawn care program really depends on what type of turf grass you have, the amount of sun or shade, and the type of soil. Green Head Turf designs a lawn care program that is best for your lawn.


Grass Seeding Is the Secret to the Best Lawn in Leawood

When it comes to beautiful lawns, knowing the kind of grass seed that grows best in the Leawood area is half the battle. At Green Head Turf, we can take a good lawn and make it great just by adding the right seed.

Even if you have a good lawn, overseeding with the right seed can fix many small problems like bare spots, traffic areas, insect damage, etc.


Lawn Aeration Helps Your Lawn Eat, Drink, and Breathe

Green Head Turf also provides aeration for your Leawood lawn. It’s always a good idea to aerate at least annually, and one of the best times to aerate is right before you sow new grass seed.

Fall is the perfect time to do both because the evenings start to get cooler and rain is more plentiful. Aeration ensures that the new seeds have good contact with the soil to germinate and receive plenty of moisture.

Aeration also helps your existing turf by giving the roots room to grow and getting nutrients and moisture down to the roots as well. Regular aeration and seeding will keep your lawn looking great year round.


Protect Your Sprinkler System with Professional Start-ups, Repairs & Winterization

Sprinkler systems make watering your lawn properly a breeze. Set it and forget it. But you can’t forget to perform regular seasonal maintenance on your sprinkler system. Green Head Turf provides sprinkler repair service, start-ups and winterization.

Each spring, we will come to your Leawood home and check your system for properly working heads, spray direction, and leaking pipes. In the winter, we will blow out your system with air to get it ready for the cold season and make sure no water freezes in the system damaging the pipes.


From aeration and seeding to sprinkler service, call us, “The Company with the Duck On the Truck,” when you need lawn care help in Leawood.