6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawn Care Company

Posted on February 12, 2015

Lawn Care Questions PictureIf you’re considering hiring a lawn care company in the Kansas City area, there are a few important questions you will want to ask to make sure you’re not just getting some guy and his lawn mower. There are certain things you can expect from a professional lawn care company and these questions should make it clear whether this company will live up to its professional reputation or fall sorely short. Green Head Turf Services has created this list so you know what important questions to ask. You definitely want to know these answers before you hire just any lawn care company.


1. What Does the Lawn Care Program Include?

You want to make sure you know what you are paying for. Find out how many treatments, what kind, and when you can expect them. At Green Head Turf, we have a 6-Step Lawn Care Program you can see and follow.


2. Is There an Additional Cost For Spraying Weeds?

Let’s say you have hired a lawn care company and they have been showing up regularly. You are going to have an outdoor party in a week and you notice a large patch of weeds. Will that company come and spray for those weeds even though it’s not one of your scheduled appointments?


3. Who Will Be Working On My Lawn?

Who exactly will be in charge of taking care of your lawn. Will you be thrown into a pre-determined schedule and chosen at random, or will you have the same dedicated person coming to your home each time? A dedicated lawn care guy will get to know your lawn as well as your preferences. Not only will your lawn look better, but communication between you and your lawn care professional will be much better than if a stranger showed up each time.


4. What Licenses and Certifications Do You Hold?

All professional lawn care companies must hold a license from the city(s) in which they do business. They must be licensed to use the chemicals they put on your lawn. Additionally, many will also have employees with certifications in the industry.


5. What Organizations Do You Belong To?

Ask if your lawn care company is a member of MAGIC (Mid-America Green Industry Council), KTG (Kansas Turf Grass), or CLT (Certified Landscape Technician).


6. Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

What if you don’t see the results you were promised? Do they have any kind of guarantee on their service to protect you if you decide you aren’t happy? A good lawn care company will offer a money back guarantee.


If you’re looking for a great lawn care company, make sure Green Head Turf Systems is on your list. Call us at (913) 645-9586 and ask us all of these same questions before you choose anyone.

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