Seeding and AerationGreen Head Turf Systems knows lawns, and we know the average person is less keen to know proper lawn practices. Seeding is more complicated than many people think. So here is everything you need to know about seeding your lawn so you can finally achieve that lush, green yard you’ve always dreamed of.


Types of Seeding

There are three main categories of seeding; lawn renovation, spot seeding, and overseeding. Each can be used depending on what type of lawn you already have and the lawn you’re trying to achieve. Spot seeding is used to quickly repair small areas affected by foot traffic or tire marks. Lawn renovation is used to rejuvenate a barren, dying lawn. Overseeding is used as a way to generally thicken up a lawn. 


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When to Seed Your Kansas City Lawn

While you can technically seed your lawn any time of the year, certain times of the year are more likely to facilitate a better growing environment for new seed. Summer and spring seeding require more water and care. In the warm environment weeds and crabgrass run rampant, and can overcome the new seeds. It’s preferred to seed in late summer or early fall. This will allow the seed to germinate quicker in warm soil and establish itself through the cooler months. Plus, there is less artificial watering from sprinklers required in the fall.


Use Aeration in Conjunction with Seeding

Aeration is the process of exposing the soil in your lawn to air. This loosens up compacted soil, which helps water and fertilizer be more effective at producing a greener lawn. There is a great advantage to aerating before seeding your lawn. Since aeration allows newly sewn seeds to get more nutrients, they are able to fill bare spots and thicken existing turf more rapidly.

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