Should You Total Kill Your Lawn this Month?

Posted on August 8, 2014

Green Head Lawn Dead GrassIt may seem counterintuitive, but killing your Kansas City area lawn may actually be the best thing you’ve ever done to it. If you’ve struggled with your lawn for years and continuously lose the battle, trying this technique could be your answer to a healthier, greener yard! Let Green Head Turf Systems explain why killing your lawn off and starting fresh can lead you to the lawn of your dreams.


Lack of Care

While your yard may have been a priority to you when you bought your home, life happens and you get busy which leaves little time for lawn care. Without regular maintenance, like mowing, fertilization, seeding, and weeding, your lawn can turn into a hassle to try and get a handle on. If your lawn falls under this category, but you want to turn a new leaf, try a total kill. In a sense, hit the restart button.


Change the Type of Grass

On the other hand, if you are just unhappy with the type of grass in your lawn, a total kill is a great way to make a change. By killing off the current grass in your yard it ensures that it won’t inhibit the new turf you lay down from growing in. It will give the new turf a clean slate to flourish.


Have “Junk” Grass

Have you tried everything in the lawncare handbook only to end up with a junk yard full of weeds and dead brown spots? A total kill of your lawn can give it a fresh start. Green Head Turf Systems can help you with the entire process. Starting with a clean slate can help enrich and nourish your soil, inhibit the infestation of insects and grubs, and even discourage weeds.


Call Green Head Turf Systems in Kansas City and start improving your yard today with our many lawn care services. Call us at 913-645-9586.

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