Winter is Coming: Why It’s Important to Prepare Your Lawn Now

Posted on November 11, 2014

Winterize your Lawn Before the temperatures take an extended drop, and the morning frost on your lawn turns into several inches of snow, make sure your lawn is equipped with everything it needs to survive the harsh Kansas City winters. Greenhead Turf Systems explains why it’s so important to winterize your lawn, and how our Green Head Winter lawn care services can make all the difference.


Grass Hibernates Like Bears in the Winter

Your lawn may not be grisly with a big bite like bears, but it does store food like bears do when winter fast approaches. Grass starts to shut down, and literally stops growing when the temperature drops below 50. Your lawn goes into food storage mode, much like bears do. That’s why it’s so important to treat your lawn with winter fertilizer, which is rich with slow-release nitrogen.


Provide Your Lawn With Nutrients

That nutrient-rich fertilizer will make sure your grass has a food reserve well into the winter months. Thick layers of snow and ice can keep your lawn covered for months at a time in the winter which means your lawn is getting very little sun, so it’s very important that your lawn’s roots have food stored up to survive. This can make the difference between a brown patchy lawn or a thick green one come spring.


What Else Can I Do To Prepare My Lawn Before Winter?

Leaves can be extremely detrimental to your lawn during the winter, so Greenhead Turf recommends that you don’t leave the leaves. When the lawn is covered in leaves and a snowstorm comes, a mat is created. This mat blocks the grass from receiving sunlight and air and can lead to a fungal disease. While raking up those leaves can be a pain, it is definitely worth the labor. Learn more about the importance of raking up the leaves in your lawn and when to do so.

Call Green Head Turf Systems today at (913) 645-9586 to make sure your lawn is well prepared for winter. There are only a few more weeks left before winter is actually here!

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