The Kansas City area has had a long, comfortable spring with plenty of rain for our lawns and landscaping. Grass is growing quickly, but so are weeds in your lawn. Which means, now is the time to take measures to make sure that green lawn that has gotten such a good start has the tools to make it through a long, hot summer.


Lawn care programs goes through the following stages through the rest of the year, since Round One has already been done:


This round typically is put down during April and through May, and is designed to focus on the development of a thicker turf grass while promoting root growth. With the nice soaking rains, our lawns have had plenty of water to have strong root systems. This treatment helps with that. Spot weed control can also happen during this stage.


As temps start to climb in June and July, we start this process.  Your lawn starts to experience some stress, so this treatment has a low nitrogen rate to reduce problems like brown patch and dollar spot.


Bugs, bugs, and more bugs start to come out in June and July also. This treatment will attack and kill any grubs or other harmful insects living in the soil. Equally important, it will also lay down a protective layer to prevent future infestation that season.


After a long summer, August and September is time to feed that hungry lawn. We use a slow release fertilizer during this period. A little bit of iron is added to help green up that lawn for the fall.


It starts getting cold in October and November, so this application is all nitrogen in a slow-release formula to help your lawn through the freezing and thawing cycles ahead.


Contact Green Head Turf in Olathe today, and we can talk to you about the lawn care program that is best for your lawn. It’s never to late to get started!

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